Noodle Boys take Manhattan: Day 3

Day three was by far our fullest.

We started our morning by achieving the last shot of the film. I think we nailed it. I knew we had our ending down upon reviewing the footage.

We continued to travel around the city to get time lapses of different monuments. We need the ending to have a real big city vibe.

After we got some the remainder of the shots needed (minus the Michael J. Fox Foundation), we had lunch at a Thai spot in our neighbourhood.

I took the team out to a nice dinner at Tavern on the Green to celebrate. It's in the heart of Central Park and it was perfect.

The next morning we woke up, and started our morning with a trip to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. We had a meeting for the Team to meet everyone in the offices and take a tour. After we achieved our final shots, we hit the road and began the long 9 hour drive home to Toronto.