We have an animator!

Everyone meet Doriane Biot, our animator from Montreal!
She will be creating the animated segments about Parkinson's Disease.

Doriane is a young Belgian animator established in Montreal. She has developed a strong interest in animated documentary and engaged cinema. Social, political, and environmental issues touch her as an artist and she strongly believes that art can make a difference, perhaps slight, but absolutely necessary. Doriane holds a Master’s degree in Visual Culture and a Bachelor degree in Film Animation.

Welcome to the team Doriane!


Editing in Ottawa

Post production on the film has begun and is in full swing. I've travelled to Ottawa for the next week to oversee editing on the main interview. We are working in the editing suites provided by Algonquin College. 

There are a couple small shots we still need to get, probably in late March when Jason is back in Toronto.

Jason is currently aiming to have a submission draft of the film ready for festivals by May 6th.


Noodle Boys take Manhattan: Day 3

Day three was by far our fullest.

We started our morning by achieving the last shot of the film. I think we nailed it. I knew we had our ending down upon reviewing the footage.

We continued to travel around the city to get time lapses of different monuments. We need the ending to have a real big city vibe.

After we got some the remainder of the shots needed (minus the Michael J. Fox Foundation), we had lunch at a Thai spot in our neighbourhood.

I took the team out to a nice dinner at Tavern on the Green to celebrate. It's in the heart of Central Park and it was perfect.

The next morning we woke up, and started our morning with a trip to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. We had a meeting for the Team to meet everyone in the offices and take a tour. After we achieved our final shots, we hit the road and began the long 9 hour drive home to Toronto.


Noodle Boys take Manhattan: Day 2

Day two was just as successful as day one.

We went out into the streets to film. Jason brought out his Ronin Gimble and began to shoot some very cinematic shots for the end of the film. The final shot of the movie was the most important and it was weighing on my mind.

After a full morning of shooting we made our way to Times Square to shoot important broll. We picked up street food on the way.

Once the full day was over we made our way to Eataly for dinner. Jason and I had pasta while Scott had vegan pizza. Then we went to the Nutella Cafe for dessert.

We returned home and turned in.


Noodle Boys take Manhattan: Day 1


Jason, Scott, and I hit the road at 7:30am from Oakville bound to NYC. We have been collecting receipts our whole way and keeping costs light to focus our funds on paying the artists. Only $1,500 to go on the Kickstarter!

We stopped at two rest stops to pick up "Peanut Chews" for Scott and some usual fast food for the two skinny young men. We ended up filming a vlog on our way and seeing a man who probably peed himself on the way. The excitement in the car was growing. 

After 8 and half hours we arrived in New York City and dropped our car off at an underground parking lot for the three days. Scott's car was so dirty the plates couldn't be read.

We met with the owner of our Airbnb and took over the keys. The space is great and really lends itself to our work. We went out to film in the city around 6:30pm. We finally found a place for a Vegan and a picky eater (Jason) to eat called "Global Kitchen".

After this we filmed at 30 Rockefeller and Times Square. NBC studios inspires me somehow. It's where modern broadcasting was born, and filming there with our own project was pretty special.

Everyone has been friendly, even when Jason and I were shoving each other to see if we'd bump into other people (we did).

Tomorrow we shoot morning shots at Time Square, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Empire State building, and Tribeca. 

It's been pretty perfect so far. 


We have an award winning director!


The director of our movie is now a decorated award winner! Jason D'Souza not only took home the "Best Director" award from Ottawa's DIGI60 Film Festival, but he also took home the trophy for "Best Film". Both for his Documentary short: FORSAKEN.

And hey! This film is a documentary short, so here's to many more festivals and awards with Two Weeks Strait.

Congrats Jason D'Souza, can't wait to finish the next masterpiece.



Our first $1,000

Our Kickstarter campaign just past it's first 1,000, currently sitting at $1,375.

We are projecting success for this campaign! If you have any friends who can spare some money towards this project, please give the link a share with them.

We are also on the cusp of some very exciting news in the near future. Let's break that $2,000 mark first!


KickStarter is live!

Our KickStarter just went up yesterday and we're looking for donations to complete our little movie. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/302911307/two-weeks-strait-documentary

If you have any services you think could be of use to us, please drop us a line at the message boards over there.

We look forward to bringing you more news as the excitement grows!