"Our Foundation is grateful for Mark Correia's creativity and sheer lunacy"
-Michael J. Fox-

In 2014, at 18 years of age, Mark Correia raised $15,000 dollars for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research in only two weeks with his debut stunt: spending all fourteen days (and nights) strapped in a straitjacket. He called the stunt ‘Escaping Parkinson’s’ and by the end by day fourteen Mark had set a world record for "The Longest Time Wearing a Straitjacket".

Two Weeks Strait is a jam-packed twenty five minute documentary film about the Escaping Parkinson’s project. It follows the challenges Mark (and his trusty team) endured to raise the money and set a world record. It sheds light on the people who live with Parkinson’s every day and why Mark felt compelled to complete the stunt. During the fourteen days, there was a camera on Mark non-stop, so that followers could keep updated on how he was doing and make sure he wasn’t cheating. There were absolutely no breaks from the jacket until the final day, when he escaped on live television.

In the months that followed, Mark began collecting all of the extra footage from the two weeks, as well as personal journals from the planning stages. He filmed interviews with his friends to accompany the testimonials that had been recorded during the stunt, but the funding to create a documentary film of this calibre was simply unavailable. Two years later, in August 2016, with encouragement from his editor Max Litzgus and an all-star executive team behind him - Jason D'Souza, Scott Hammell, Rachel Mantesso, and Max - Mark completed a new script with writing partner Benjamin Sutherland and began production.

Two Weeks Strait is a ground-breaking documentary that shines a light on Mark’s preparation and time in the jacket. What’s more: it features true stories from real people living with Parkinson’s day in and day out, and how they have tackled life with Parkinson’s.

Current donations will go towards production costs, and the film's editor Jason D’Souza, who is currently working on the film pro-bono, while he completes an unpaid internship in New York City. Direct Donations to The Michael J. Fox Foundation can be made here.

We successfully raised a portion of the budget on Kickstarter. Find out more there.